Singapore Visa

The Singapore High Commission started using the Submission of Application for Visa Electronically (SAVE) system with effect from 15 December 2008.

With the implementation of SAVE, the High Commission had outsourced the accepting of visa applications to Global Holidays Sdn Bhd and liaise with the High Commission for application submission and visa collection.

The visa processing fee payable is RM 105 for each application. The fee collected is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if the application is withdrawn after submission.

A service fee of RM 80 for each application is chargeable by the Authorised Visa Agents for their services. A receipt will be issued upon receiving of payment. When the processing is completed, applicant will be given a notification of the outcome from us.

Visa-Required Travel Documents by Countries and Regions

If your travel document is issued by one of the countries or regions below, you will need a visa to enter Singapore.

Afghanistan Jordan Refugee Travel Document
Algeria Kazakhstan Somalia
Armenia Kosovo Sudan
Azerbaijan Kyrgyzstan Syria
Bangladesh Lebanon Tajikistan
Belarus Libya Tunisia
Democratic People’s Republic of Korea Travel Permit issued by Macao SAR Turkmenistan
Egypt Mali Ukraine
Georgia Moldova Uzbekistan
Document of Identity issued by Hong Kong SAR Morocco Yemen
India Nigeria Temporary Passport issued by the United Arab Emirates
Iran Pakistan South Sudan
Iraq Palestinian Authority Passport Russia

You will also need a visa if you are travelling on:

  • A Palestinian Authority passport
  • A temporary passport issued by the United Arab Emirates
  • Refugee travel documents issued by a Middle East country. These travel documents are subject to assessment of recognition for entry into Singapore.

Download here: Form 14A

Download here: Disclaimer Form

Download here: Form V39A (Letter of Introduction)

Download here : Authorisation Letter

Download here :Sample Company Letter

Download here :Sample School Letter

Download here :Photo Guidelines

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Singapore Visa Submission Time: Mon – Fri : 10am – 1pm, 2.30pm – 5pm Sat : 10am – 1pm, Closed on Sunday & Public Holidays

点击下载: Form 14A

点击下载: Disclaimer Form

点击下载: Form V39A (介绍信)

点击下载: 公司信函样本

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Updated 1st January 2024