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Singapore Visa

//Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa

Singapore Visa

The Singapore High Commission started using the Submission of Application for Visa Electronically (SAVE) system with effect from 15 December 2008.

With the implementation of SAVE, the High Commission had outsourced the accepting of visa applications to Global Holidays Sdn Bhd and liaise with the High Commission for application submission and visa collection.

The visa processing fee payable is RM 91 for each application. The fee collected is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if the application is withdrawn after submission.

A service fee of RM 59 for each application is chargeable by the Authorised Visa Agents for their services. A receipt will be issued upon receiving of payment. When the processing is completed, applicant will be given a notification of the outcome from us.

 Countries/Regions Requiring Visa

Assessment Level I Countries/Regions

If your travel document was issued by one of the Assessment Level I countries or regions listed below, you will need a visa to enter Singapore.

Armenia++ Azerbaijan† Belarus++
Democratic People’s
Republic of Korea
Georgia†  Hong Kong (Document of Identity)
India* Kazakhstan† Kyrgyzstan†
Macau Special Administrative Region (Travel Permit) Moldova† People’s Republic of China (PRC)^
Russia# Tajikistan† Turkmenistan†
Ukraine~ Uzbekistan~

Assessment Level II Countries/Regions

If your travel document was issued by one of the Assessment Level II countries or regions listed below, you will need a visa to enter Singapore.

Afghanistan Algeria Bangladesh*
Egypt Iran Iraq
Jordan* Kosovo Lebanon
Libya Mali Morocco~
Nigeria* Pakistan Saudi Arabia+
Somalia Sudan Syria
Tunisia* Yemen


1. Completed Form 14A and Disclaimer Form (Form MUST sign by applicant)
2. One recent passport size colour photo with white background.
3. Original passport and photocopy of the passport (biodata page, Malaysia visa + latest immigration stamp).

4. The total fee is RM 150.00 per application & non-refundable.
5. Photocopy of China ID for China passport holder only.
6. Photocopy of Marriage Certificate, spouse IC & children birth certificate (if have) for married with Malaysian.
7. Hotel confirmation and return tickets.
8. AL 2 countries : Provide LOI from Singapore Citizen/PR ,or embassy letter with hotel confirmation.
9. Authorisation Letter ( if submit on behalf applicant )

* The embassy letters should state that it is being issued to the applicant to support his/her Singapore visa application.


Additional requirements

1. Syrian , Mali and Nigerian passport holder MUST provide Letter of Introduction (LOI)
2. Letter from spouse to acknowledging travel. ( For PRC female applicants )
3. Malaysia student pass holder MUST provide latest original letter from College/ University.
4. Malaysia working permit holder MUST provide latest original letter from employer.
5. Bangladeshi applicants are required to present at the Authorised Visa Agents personally to submit their Singapore Visa applications.
6. Entered Malaysia with Single Entry visa , require to provide air ticket leaving Singapore.
7. MM2H visa holder MUST provide their latest 1 month Malaysia’s bank statement.


Assessment Level 1: Minimum 3 working days for process, come out with Electronic Visa.
Assessment Level 2: Minimum 5 working days for process, come out with Electronic Visa.

Visa is subject to approval from ICA Singapore.

If visa Approve: obtain visa.
If visa Rejected/Withdrawn: Application fee is not refundable & the reason of being rejected will not reveal by ICA Singapore and Global Holidays Sdn Bhd.

Download here: Form 14A

Download here: Disclaimer Form

Download here: Form V39A (Letter of Introduction)

Download here : Authorisation Letter

For inquiry, please email to

Singapore Visa Submission Time : 10.00am to 6.00pm ( Mon-Fri ) , 10.00am to 1.00pm ( Saturday ) , closed on Sunday & Public Holidays


申请签证必须提供以下材料。若有必要, 本馆有权要求申请者提供其他材料。

1. Form 14A 签证申请表格及Disclaimer Form :一份用英文填写完整,并有申请者亲笔签名的申请表格。
2. 彩色照片一张 (两寸,彩色,白底 的三个月内的近照)
3. 护照原件,护照照片页复印件及马来西亚签证页复印件。护照有效期应在六个月以上。
4. 签证费为每人RM 150.00。签证费一概不退。
5. 中国身份证复印件。
6. 酒店订单和往返机票。
7. 签证处理为3-5个工作日。
8. 层次二国家:提供新加坡公民/永久居民的介绍信(Form V39A),或大使馆信函和酒店订单。
9. 授权书(如果代表申请人提交)





1. 未填好的表格、材料不齐或不符合要求有可能导致拒签或推迟受理。
2. 签证申请是否被批准,及批准的有效期限都由签证官根据申请者个别情况决定。
3. 申请者不应过早递交申请材料。 若签证已过期,申请者须重新递交申请材料。申请者在领取签证时应仔细核对签发 日期及签证有效期。建议申请者在出国前二至三周递交申请。
4. 签证持有者并不一定可以入境新加坡。 签证持有人须符合入境规定方可准许入境。 新加坡移民与关局官员有权决定其是否可入境。
5. 新加坡移民与关卡局官员在签证持有者入境时决定其停留天数。申请者应留意护照的入境章和批准停留期限 。
6. 我们有权不接受您的申请如不符合要求。



点击下载: Form 14A

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若有任何其他问题,可拨签证热线 +603-2858 3633 咨询或 电邮至 :

新加坡签证缴交时间 : 10.00am to 6.00pm ( 星期 一 至 五  ) , 10.00am to 1.00pm ( 星期 六 ) , 星期 日 与 公共假期休业